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Zelda 3 Challenge - Hex Location Requests!

While I can change most of the data in Zelda 3 with Hyrule Magic or by referring to documentation, there is still some data which is unknown to me. Without this information, Zelda3C's appearance or gameplay may be limited. If you know where the data described below is stored in the ROM, or if you can find it, please let me know!


Sprite Graphics: While I can easily edit the game's graphics, I cannot control which graphics are loaded as townsfolk and monsters appear on the screen. I realize the graphics data can be complicated for many of the monsters, since they use various numbers of tiles, depending on their forms and actions. My greatest concerns are actually for the townsfolk in the game, especially those who follow you. For example, if I wanted Blind Disguised to look like the Old Man on Death Mountain, how could I tell the sprite to use those tiles instead?

Shop Prices: Any information regarding the items sold and prices charged in shops would be greatly appreciated!

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