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Zelda 3 Challenge - Screen Shots - Batch 4

Here are nine screen shots of the game's opening areas.

Kingdom Caverns

Hyrule Gate

This tunnel connects Calatia to Hyrule. (Not accessible)
Through this gate is Zelda 2's town of Saria, via Death Mountain.

Puzzling Corner

Another section of Kingdom Caverns.
Is it a puzzle, or just some treasure?

Exit to Calatia

This is Kingdom Caverns' main exit.
Beyond is the world of Calatia!

Town of Meridia

Knock first!

Just outside Kingdom Caverns.
Welcome to the town of Meridia!

By the river

A house beside a river.
Link seems really defensive, here...

Shop, and stairs

The general store, where you'll unload rupees.
North is the upper part of town.

Mushroom mashing

South of a bridge, lots of mushrooms.
Okay, they're pegs at the moment.

Shooting gallery

Link has just exited the shooting gallery.
...What strange kind of mask is he carrying?

Town square

Playing the flute in the town square would
make more sense if there were an audience.

This concludes the first glimpse of Kingdom Caverns and Meridia. Too bad there were no people or monsters in these pictures -- they're all camera shy!

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